Life as a Slave Farmer

Farming as a slave

I farm to get money for my family so I can get food .Hi my name is marry. I farm to make sure the plants get food and water . I also make sure there are no weeds in the plants so they won't die. I also pick the food when they are done growing and I have to wash them off so they do not have dirt on them. I am sometimes out here for an hour or two.


The stuff that I put on the table I should be able to eat it that is hard work right there an I only get bread crum or nothing at all I wish that slavery was never invented. If I was a person that owned a slave I would let it free because slavery is wrong and now would should go through what I went through and I mean now one.

My house

In my house I have 1 bed room with 3 of use living their. But I am making money in the black smith shop and I am now living their with three strangers in one room.

If I get in trouble or misbehave

If I miss behave I will be hold in a sell and in shackles and beat until they want to stop.

If I miss behave agin I would slip my head into this thing can't remember what it is but t hey beat you from behind. They also will tell you to slip your feet in this author thing and they will also whip your feet. Then if you try to run away they will take a nail and put it into your ear and leave it there and to get it out they have to cut your ear.


How I trade for food I exchange stuff to other people that they want and then get what I need. If you sell tobacco you could get money for it or if you. Work on the tobacco farm you can get money that way to a lot of money.

By: Bianca