How is being President hard?

by: Taylor Frey

How is being a President hard?

First off being a president in general even after a whole bunch of years the job was made, is hard. There is so many pressures when being a President. One pressure that occurred when we first elected our President is that other countries had wars with each other. To be specific, a war was between France and England. They wanted us to pick a side. It was hard to pick a side. If the President didn't make the right decision people would be mad or upset. There was so many different opinions and questions.
Having an army is pretty expensive, the US couldn't afford it anymore. They US also learned that the army can take away their liberty.

Another challenge is working with other foreign leaders. The French Minister caused a problem because he refused to talk to the states. Then later France got a new leader, Napoleon. Napoleon was the person who was excited and wanted peace with the US.

Later in time, the France seized the Americans ships. Then a few years after that happened Thomas Jefferson the third President, started the embargo. The embargo meant that it stopped all trade with other foreign countries. About two years after the embargo was first happening, Congress repealed the embargo act.

Another fairly big conflict was that some US citizens wanted war and some didn't. Then there was a war between Great Britain and the US. The US won, but it didn't make some people happy that the US was back in war. It's a good thing they won.

The first three Presidents