The Farmer

You cant always rely on others !

Problem solving skills

Some jobs you will have to work alone and rely only on your own skills. you must have good problem solving skills and be persistent on a job when you get stuck and don't know what to do, you cant always call someone for help.

Lone Wolf

when you work do you like getting your instructions and getting started with your job and not having to talk to anyone until you are done your job? do you work better not having to rely on others and being worried that they might not come through? than I have news for you, you might just be the lone wolf.

Persitent worker.

If you like to get started on something and keep at it without quitting, than you might be "the farmer", a good example is working a factory job and you have to keep doing the same routine job over and over without getting mentally tired and wanting a change.

Downsides to working alone?

Yes there are downsides to working alone. when you get stuck on something and you need help you cant ask anyone so all the responsibility is on you. Working alone sometimes might be too quiet and you might not get anything done. there are good things about it and bad things it just depends on what kind of person you are.