National Youth Administration

June 26th, 1935

Who are we helping?

NYA was intended to help the young adults(16 - 25) in the community get a job and teach them simple and basic skills they will need to get any available job.

What do we do?

NYA helped 2.1 million students find jobs in schools, laboratories, and libraries, and outdoor recreational parks, at wages landing from $6 per month for secondary pupils to 430 per month for graduate students.

do we qualify in Roosevelts "3 R's"?

yes we do! we provide federal work relief and employment for young people.

some pictures of nya

Does the NYA still exsist? Was its successful? How does it add to your understanding of the Great Depression?

  • IN 1943 the National Youth Administration was being locally and nationally harrassed. Leon C. Phillips interviewed people about the program and they argued that the NYA was exspensive and vauleless. NYA was abolished September of 1943.
  • The NYA was sucessful to some people. It helped 4.5 million young people find work.
  • It provided jobs and relied to Americans affected by the Great Depression.
"Youth Jobs & Defense" NYA The National Youth Administration

video summary

  • This video talks about what the NYA does for you and all about how it started
  • Each NYA hot is equipped with modern machines and they work on them from morning to night
  • Young men and women gain experience for when the get a real job