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Multiply and Divide Decimals!

The first 2 videos are how to Multiply decimals and the last video is on how to Divide decimals.


We Multiply decimals in the real world too! If you are baking you might need to multiply the amount of ingredients in your batter. When you are weighing food at the store you might have more than 1 bag of the same thing so you might multiply so you don't have to weigh the same thing more than once. And if you are at the gas station you might need to multiply how much you will have to pay or how much gas you will need.


In the real world we divide decimals more than you would think. One example would be if you go out to eat with a friend and you both split the bill, or if you go to the store for your friend and you buy the same amount of things for you too then you would have to divide how much your friend has to pay you back. Also if you are buying gasoline you might split the amount with someone else.