A Man Named Dave

By: David Pelzer


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A Man Named Dave is a story about a child who is abused horrifically by his mother. It details his life after escaping his mother's wrath and how he has to learn to trust himself, and the ones he loves.


The author's purpose for writing this book is to inform the reader about child abuse. He aims to put the reader in his shoes in order to teach the reader about what it's like to be abused and then to have to move on from the past.


1) Never give up

2) With faith and courage you can overcome anything

3) Forgiveness is the key to moving on


Chapter 12: The Long Farewell

This is the chapter that made the most impression on me because not only does Dave begin to fix his problems with Patsy, his mother dies, and he is able to forgive her. It's inspiring and relieving to know his biggest obstacle can no longer hold him back.


I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

Although it starts out as depressing and slow; the ending is worth the wait. To anyone who's been abused it's a story of hope that someday they too can forgive their abuser and move on with their life.


Passage #1, pg 189

This is the only time Dave's Mother says she loves him.

Passage #2, pg 221-222

This is the most vivid description of Dave's physical abuse.


Shocked Face ...HA! (E-Trade baby)
I was surprised when Dave prayed for his mother to be delivered from evil when she died. It is extremely big of someone to forgive the person that hurt them the most. I know I haven't got the strength to do it.