Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Math Investigation created especially for GEORGE

The Winter Olympics are being held in Sochi this year.

So far Norway has dominated the XXII Winter Olympics, winning 13 medals with a population of only about five million people.

Note: In comparison, the United States has earned 12 medals so far; however we have a population of over 313 million people!

DRIVING QUESTION: Can we rank Olympic performance not just by medals, but by medals compared to a country’s size?

SECOND MISSION: Imagine that you are coordinating THE GEORGE OLYMPICS!


At the GEORGE OLYMPICS, six countries will participate: Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and the United States. There will be a total of 24 medals awarded. You may select where these OLYMPICS will take place.

3 medals will be awarded for each event: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze. There are 8 sporting events. These will include slalom skiing, downhill racing, ski jumping, figure skating, speed skating, bobsledding, luge and freestyle snowboarding.

Your mission is to mathematically determine which countries should get medals in which events so that all of the medals are given out, resulting in three winners for each event. Each country MUST win at least 2 medals. Please show how you organize your work and the steps you follow to solve this problem. Good Luck!

Please complete your work by February 21, 2014. All work should be submitted to If your work is too large to be submitted, you may photograph it and submit it digitally or give it to Miss Morejon to transport to Mrs. Pittinger.

Please email if you have questions about these missions, George!