What Climate Change Is and how it

Affects the Great Lakes

What is Climate Change

The scale-rise of the Earth's Average Temperature and how it affects the climate system of the Earth.

How has this affected The Great Lakes

It has dramatically decreases the ice cover in the lake with the biggest lakes having the worst of it. Lake Ontario Ice Cover decreased 88%, the biggest Decrease out of the Lakes.

Lake Superior lost 76% of its ice cover. Lake Michigan saw 77% decrease in ice cover. Lake Huron's ice decreased by 62%. and finally the most shallow Lake Erie who is the fastest to freeze decreased by 50%

Why This is Important

It's not just the Ice that is evaporating quickly but also water. Lake Erie dropped 4-5 feet by the end of this century. in 30 years Lake Superior will have no ice at all in typical Winter. But as that happens invasive species who depend on the ice and water will start to decline in population possibly leading to extinction. meaning it could destroy the entire eco system and destroy the fishing industry who is a 4 billion dollar company.

How We can make a difference

You can start by seeing what you can do for your environment:

  • Plant a Tree
  • Recycle
  • Buy locally grown food

And get as many people as possible aware of how our actions can affect the world globally with certain actions each day