Candy Should Not Be Banned!!


Candy is a sugary treat enjoyed by all ages. The first candy was thought to come about in ancient times when people ate honey right from beehives. Today, Americans eat about 7 billion lbs. of candy a year! Some feel that candy is bad for kids to eat. However, candy has many positive factors!

Obesity should not be blamed on sugary foods.

  • J. Justin Wilson sated that most people don't think that obesity can come from problems at home.
  • Its true that candy is a high calorie food but it shouldn't be singled out of the hundreds of high calorie foods like cookies or cake.
  • School's should offer classes on how to cook and eat healthy.

The governments should not tell kids what they should eat.

  • J. Justin Wilson, direction consumer Freedom stated when trying to put young kids on a diet we're setting them up for failure.
  • He also said, when kids get forced to eat healthy it makes them not want to learn about eating healthy.
  • Instead of banning certain foods they should teach kids how to live healthy, active lives.

Candy Helps To Keep Kids Focused.

  • Kelly McGonig has her P.H.D stated the candy can keep kids focused on a difficult task longer.
  • Candy help children with stress. If your maybe your chewing gum.
  • Candy help's kids stay on track or help with obsessions.