USA, New York.

Day 1

November 5th departure date.

Day 1.

It is 12:09 about to check into the Hotel, i will go to sleep because i am tired and jet lagged and start my day tomorrow. On November 6th

Day 2.

8:00 AM - Wake up, shower eat then GO SHOPPING!!

12:00- Finally ready to hit the road. I decide to walk to my first store where i dont hold back on the shopping

after shopping i decide t go back to the hotel and admire all my new items

i order room service which comes to USD25.00 then i decide to read a book that i bought today from the book store. and slowly fall asleep.

Day 3.

Rise and shine upper east siders. Today is filled with much needed adventure.

The following activities are categorized under adventure tourism.

i decided to sleep until 1:30.

I head out by 3:00 and go on my way.

I buy a new York city pass since i want to see the city. $116.00 and then i go on the new York city Hop-on Hop off tour.

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Day 4


started with $3,861,67

Hotel costs $1,679,30

Flight costs$291.88

Shopping $200.00

City pass$ 116.00

NYC hop on ho off tour $ 48.99


i have roughly $1,527 left.

Hearing the terrible news that im broke i decide to stay in tonight order room service and use my lush bath bombs.

Day 5.

I decide to go to a spa which can be considered as health tourism.

all this stress is getting to me.

i found a nice spa. Metamorphosis day spa.

127 E 56th St
Fl 5
Midtown East
New York, NY 10022


After the spa it is roughly around 12:00 AM

i decide to order room service again since i am alone on this trip and im not going to a restaurant by myself.

i ordered chicken nuggets, steak, pasta, crème bruelae and drinks.

the bill came up to $200.00.

i have 877.26 left.

day 6 continued.

I lay in bed the whole day watching gossip girl and eating sweets.

Day 7.

8:00- i wake up eat and rushly pack.

10:00- still packing

10:30- i head to the airport

12:09- i leave for Toronto. NYC you have been a blast.

i am returning to Toronto with $877.26 us dollars. which in CAD is....