The Kalahari

By: Jessica Khoury

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I would have to say that this book was many many genres. A lot of science fiction, action and adventure. Overall I would say its around science fiction and adventure.


I would say this book was very dauntless, the characters were just so brave and held on no matter what. Even with ups and downs they were still filled with determenation. The characters had a lot they had to go through and still they pulled through.


The main character is Sarah, she is a zooligist and loves where she lives and how she lives. Though the way she lives starts to change when five teens come in her life, staying for two weeks. Even though she is about their age, she still wasn't very pleased to see them. The teenagers names are Sam, Miranda, Joey, Kase, and Avani. They are all around seventeen to eighteen years old. Sarah is going to put up with them for the sake of the Song Foundation money for her dad, since he has a conversation research they wanted to raise money to help that research grow. Since she is stuck with the five teens all with their own self personality's, she will have to learn how to deal with them. But that is just a minor problem Sarah and the teens is dealing with. Her dad despises poachers, so one day he went after them with his close friend Theo after he heard the news on the radio that the poachers were near. Sarah was a little worried about her dad leaving since when her mom left she didn't come back and died by a bee hive, if that's the real story...

Her dad convinced Sarah to let him leave and gave a promise to come back at dark once he locates them, but he didn't come back. Sarah was determined to find him and the teens did not want to be left alone in the wild so of course they followed Sarah. Through starvation, dehydration, adventure, family, and more Sarah and the teens will face many situations but the biggest situation is not only finding a silver lion, pure silver almost looking life mercury, on this facinating lion is a virus that threatens eliminate life as they know it.


I think the theme for the book would be (Even the wild can have secrets) I think this because Sarah always thought she knew everything about the animals and where she lived. Even if you think you know everything you don't know everything. She thought she knew what was going on but she didn't know what was going on beyond where she lived, until she found out that there is something more to the wild now ever than before.
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Foil Characters

Avani: Know it all, Clever, Smart, Depises Miranda

MIranda: Rich, Spoiled, Complains, Despises Avani

These two are not very fond of eachother. They usually are always arguring and are complete oppisites. Avani is a very smart, clever, know it all science geek while Miranda is a popular spoiled rich kid. Most of the book they are at eachother throats but once Avani hears and get to know more about MIranda her opinion about her starts to change.