Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of May 8-12

Summer Reading Programs to share with your students/families

  • The Cedar Rapids Public Library (downtown location) has "Reading Challenge" bookmarks in the children's room sponsored by Firehouse Subs. Once students read 5 books, they can receive a free kid's meal. They will be offering a weekly summer reading program as well, but there's no info out there on it right now.
  • Marion Public Library offers a really great summer reading program that starts June 1st. Just drop in to sign up and win coupons for free kids meals, free bowling, free swimming passes, and many other freebies the first six weeks you turn in your weekly reading log.
  • Barnes and Noble is offering children in grades 1st - 6th a free book if they complete their summer reading program.
  • The Center Point Library offers a summer reading program. I don't know much about it, but I've heard good things about it. I believe students need an account with the library to participate.
  • The Kernels summer reading program (fliers in the main office) has students track their minutes of reading throughout the summer. Each "base" the student reaches entitles them to a new set of prizes.

FAST Testing Reminders

Here's the link to the google doc with reminders about FAST testing procedures (same as what's listed below). Please take some time to review these before we start testing next week. Remember you can start testing some of your higher students (that we know will make the cut) this week if you would like!

This Week


  • 10:15 5th grade team planning meeting
  • 12:30 PD planning meeting with Jon, Ann, Barbara, Dani
  • Work with teachers and students
  • 7:45 4th grade team planning meeting
  • Work with teachers and students


  • 7:45 data team meeting
  • Work with teachers and students


  • 7:45 staff meeting
  • Work with teachers and students


  • 7:30 - Special Education meeting
  • Work with teachers and students
  • NO Learning meetings
  • 1:00 IC meeting

What Teachers Actually Do

I thought this was a pretty accurate account on what you all do day in and day out :)
NEA's Lily Eskelsen García on What Teachers Do