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Iran is slightly larger than Alaska. Two vast ranges the Elburz Mountains and the Zagros Mountains surround a central desert plateau. Iran is an oil rich nation. Major Irainan industries produce textiles,metal goods, construction materials, and beautiful carpet.Farmers grow wheat,rice,sugar beets, and cotton in their fields.

What's going on in Iran?

Old city in Iran just feels like casband. The city is on of Irans most very old city. It's located in a bedouins desert cover with sand most of the time. It's very hot because the sky is shown with no clouds just sun. The buildings look very much covered in sand from a very long time. The city has no bushes or grass it makes feel like a desert.

Euphrates river is just silt and alluvial plain because the soil makes the plants grow. It has most good soil to make anything grown near the Euphrates river. Water and dirt get washed up and gets taken to another location thing brings back rich fertile soil. It leaves a flood to get the rich fertile soil to make sure the plant can grow.


Climate: hot dry Summer's and short cool winter

Crop: wheat rice and barley are what the iran eats

People: Iran people are equally distruputed.

3 facts about Iran

Iran is an Islamic republic on the Persian Gulf

Extensive marble ruin mark Persepoils the empire capital

Modern capital horned to Opulent Golestan Palance

Three main crops of Iran are wheat,rice, and barley because most of the landis really hard to grow crops. Only near the river white rich fertile soil can be grown. About 12% of the area can be grown nor rich fertile soil. Water makes it scarce plants to grow.That's why only three main crops are grown there.

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