By:Austin Eells

Design process

1. The problem was to make a candy dispenser that can dispense two different kinds of candy.

2. criteria was to make a 24 by 24 by 24 candy dispenser that despines two different candy's.

3. I brainstormed and came up with a voice controlled vending machine with two sides that dispense many different kinds of candy..

4. I did research on what candy dispenser's all ready exist.

5. At the end of my decision I decided to do the voice candy dispenser.

6. I made a prototype on inventor/ google sketch up and analyzed it.

7. My evaluation is it could be hard for the machine to understand some people so you would half to talk clear and say what u want clear enough for it to understand. Example would be like talk to sere on a phone but it would dispense candy instead of talk back.

8. To help that the best way possible put a high quality voice pick up in it.

9. The product came out good it same feasible and buildable.

The candy inside would cost a dollar to a dollar fifty.

The machine takes dollars and change. (no cards)


How does it dispense?

How does it understand what you are saying?