Texas School Procedures, LLC

June, 2019 Newsletter

86th Legislature has come to a close and TxSP is gearing up!

TxSP has been monitoring the progress of various bills that will affect our subscribing districts. As bills are signed into law, our company will be working throughout the summer months to update current protocols and documents that have been affected and creating new ones as the bills will require. We will have a document ready for the beginning of the school year with all the bills that TxSP will address and where you will see the changes or additions. We will also be providing a powerpoint, if the district wishes, to use to update all campus and district administrators. Stay tuned.

Updates during the month of May!

Come visit us at the Texas Rural Educators Association Conference this summer, June 21-23.

TxSP will be presenting a session on "How & When Do I Address a Student Who Threatens to Hurt Others?" Our presentation will be June 22, 2019 in the Pecos Room at the DFW Marriott Hotel & Golf Club in Ft. Worth from 2:50-3:50. The objective for participants is to leave the session with a clear process of how to establish a threat inquiry team, a defined step-by-step process, and ALL forms and letters required to document the work (taken from our online website). TxSP is one of the sponsors for the conference and will be one of the vendors where you can view and interact with our website and ask questions. The cost is only $2.00 per student on an annual basis. Come by and see us!

Our Contact Information

If you are a Texas School District or Charter school that is currently NOT a subscriber to our website and service, please contact us for information about how the subscription to our website can ensure your employees are compliant with state and federal laws and have access to many research-based practices. We have references upon request.