Texas Drought

By: Ruth Fernandes, Amy Reed, Sung Na

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Texas Drought

The drought in Texas is more likely to intensify in the next 3 months. 97% of Texas is in drought conditions, with Texas' reservoirs 65% full.

Water is an Inexhaustible Resource

Water is technically an inexhaustible resource, since the earth constantly recycles it in a constant cycle, and can only run out of “fresh water” since the water that is recycled doesn't have to be fresh water, and may be contaminated water, which does play a limit to the amount of fresh water we have. There are several ways to renew the freshwater ourselves, by using the desalination plants, or making distilled water. So we will not “run out” of freshwater anytime soon, and still have alternatives to the limited freshwater problem.

Water has a Price

Water is priced at a point, relative to how scarce or valuable the water is, where it is. Such as the U.S for example, is developed and won't give a second thought of giving out a free glass of water at a restaurant, compared to places such as India, where water is priced much higher than here in the U.S since it is more scarce and valuable in their circumstances. So water can play a large role in an economy, since if it is not available where people live, then in must be shipped in and purchased from where it is available, especially since it is needed for daily life. Some others theorize there will be a “water war” when the earth does not have enough fresh water, and we cannot produce enough to sustain most of our population, and will start a global war over resources, such as freshwater.

Government Help

The Texas Water Development Board proposed its ninth State Water Plan. It analyzes Texas's resources and offers 562 water supply projects. Some project ideas are, salination plants naturally take the salt out of sea water. We can also use distilled water and add vitamins to it. Saltwater to freshwater conversion is another way to get freshwater, but it can be expensive.

How We Can Save Freshwater

This website will tell you 100 ways to conserve water: http://wateruseitwisely.com/100-ways-to-conserve/

How We Can Change The Predicted Time Of Being Without Water

We can change the predicted time of being without water by starting to take action on conserving water today. We can also spred the word of how badly the drought is affecting Texas and get others to help conserve water.
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