River Heights Weekly

Week of September 7, 2020

A Note from Mrs. Kull

Hello River Heights Academy Families!!

Tomorrow begins the 1st Day of School! I hope you are ready for a great year of learning and growing together.

This year, we will be learning all about "PRIDE" which is Distinctive Schools' Social Emotional Learning framework. The "P" in "PRIDE" stands for "Problem Solver." This week we have the opportunity to model problem solving for our students as we navigate school online in a way that we have never done before. One of the greatest things that you can do for your child is to model your own problem solving process as we work together for their success.

A few problem solving tips:

- If you have not received your teacher's ClassTag information, please reach out to me at jkull@distinctiveschools.org or Mrs. Sparks at tsparks@distinctiveschools.org.

- If you have trouble logging on to Zoom with your child's school Google account information, try these steps for logging in as a guest: https://help.distinctiveschools.org/hc/en-us/articles/360053710073

- The Distinctive Schools Help Center is available if you run into any other issues. You can submit a help ticket at https://help.distinctiveschools.org

- Call the school office at (734) 379-6810 or email your child's teacher or Mrs. Kull

- You can also message us on our official Facebook page

We can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Have a good one!

Mrs. Kull

Click Below for Info. About Our Learning Options

Zoom Links

To log-in to your child's "Zoom" online class meeting, follow the steps below!

Option 1: Access your child's Zoom meeting link through their Teacher's ClassTag account

Option 2: Access your child's Zoom meeting link through their Clever login

Option 3: Find your child's teacher and grade level below to click the link!

Kindergarten (Ms. Kerr)


Meeting ID: 952 3380 5656

Passcode: 2*wS%k

1st Grade (Ms. Frascarelli)


Meeting ID: 266 825 0193

Passcode: abc123!

2nd Grade (Ms. Charron)

Meeting ID: 991 9421 3370
Passcode: abc123!

3rd Grade (Ms. Hoffmeyer)


Meeting ID: 930 5223 3658
Passcode: rhagrade3!

4th Grade (Ms. Crunk)


5th Grade (Ms. Borowski)


6th/7th/8th Grade (Mx. Stone, Ms. Knapp, Ms. Praznik, Ms. Anderson)


Meeting ID: 927 9184 3357

Passcode: Yes2020!