@CRHS Media Center

Week of December 5-9

Self Checkout is now AVAILABLE @CRHSMediaCenter!

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  • The media center is pleased to offer self-checkout beginning this week.
  • Students will need their barcoded student ID or must know their lunch/student ID number.
  • Staff will need to use the staff barcodes list stationed near the self-checkout.
  • There are step-by-step instructions (It's only four steps) and I'm here to help too.

I hope this is helpful for all!

Sneak Peek at the Process:

Hands-on Training

Come see me if you would like hands-on training on this. You may also set up a time to bring a class that you want to have trained. (English peeps, I'm looking at you! LOL)

Erin Bradley, MLIS and Barcode Fan

Erin Bradley is a certified media specialist working with amazing colleagues at Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough, NC.