By: Nimisha Jain

The Art of Photography

One word to describe photography. EPIC. Why do I think that? Photography is the art of taking photos. From photographs, you can capture a moment in history From photographs, you can keep your special memories with you forever. From photographs, you can see things that are on the other side of the world. To me, this is quite amazing.

My Love of Photography

Photography is another form of art. I love art. My phone is filled with ton of pictures (not they are not selfies), but nature and architectural photography. I first learned about actual photography by a project that I had to take pictures for. I realized how interesting photography was, and ever since then, I take pictures at any chance I get! :)

Importance of Photography

The invention of photography was quite helpful to us. Photographs can prove something actually happened. (Like landing on the moon) Photographs also help us keep our memories with us forever. Photography is how we learn. How would we know how the Eiffel tower actually looked like with photos? Photos are on newspapers, so people can see what's going on as well as reading about it.

Process of Independent Study

Learning something independently helps your future. It helps you. In the future, you don't have a teacher to teach you your every subject, studying independently will help you for your future studies in college. Also studying something on you own will help you learn and understand it better.


I studied the different types of photography on a couple websites. I also looked through MANY online photograph collections.

Further More.....

If you want to learn more about photography you can look at online photograph collections, you can also visit many museums that have collections of photographs. Research on photography can also be done online, like I did.