Show kindness!

and help spread the joy!


the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.(google definitions), but kindness is much more. A simple nice smile can make someones bad turn good which is kindness. Kindness needs to be shown more. Especially to students in school. Few people know it but some students do need those little acts of kindess to make their day just a little bit better. (picture from google images)

What can you do?

Kindness is so easy to give. Literally anyone could do it. For example: a random act of kindness is something kind like holding a door. Whenever you give random acts of kindness most likely people are going to appreciate them. Of course you do not have to force yourself to be kind if you do not mean it, but random acts of kindness are a good step to kindness! The next thing you could do is maybe help out around the community and if not that, your own home! Helping out around the house helps keep it clean and is kind to do and helps a guardian out. Helping the community is one of the biggest thing you can do. For example: picking up trash at the beach. You might be thinking: How does beach cleanup relate to kindness? Well, it helps the community out by volunteering and your cleaning up the earth! your making the earth happy! Not to mention bringing awareness of cleaning the earth.

In conclusion

Kindness is very important, and should be shown in all schools. A little step of kindness help that kid feel better on not getting the best grade on a test or just had a bad day. Im starting to notice that people are becoming more rude to each other. We need to fix this! Baby steps of kindness can go a long way! In conclusion, it is important to show kindness to everybody. You never know what is going on at home for people so it is very important to treat people with the up most kindness. Remember to be kind and send happy smiley faces to people around school! :) "wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for kindness." Seneca
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A solider helping an innocent person across the flood waters