Climate Change

What is climate change?

Climate change is a change in the weather patterns on Earth. This has to do with the increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere produced by the use of fossil fuels. Climate change has been the most significant in the last 100 years because humans are starting to notice some effects it has on us.

Some effects include:

  1. increase in droughts
  2. less fresh water
  3. less agriculture
  4. rise in sea levels
  5. bigger storms
  6. colder winters and warmer summers
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Overall Solution:

Humans need to control and slow down the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere everyday.

How to use less carbon

- using fuel made from vegetables instead of oil

- new energy technologies that don't burn oil like wind and solar energy

- make cars that go further on a gallon of gas so they burn less gasoline

- Tax people on how much carbon they use. For example taxing people whenever they drive their car

- creating laws for businesses and homes to control the amount of carbon their releasing

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Effects on the enviroment

Climate change relates to the carbon cycle because more carbon is being released into the atmosphere and that is the main cause of Climate change. The water cycle is also being effected because climate change is causing droughts and storms which will completely mess up the water cycle in those different ecosystems.

How Climate change can be seen in a new perspective

Some people are very skeptic when it comes to climate change. They mostly make statements that are not always true.

Some statements may include

  • ¨It`s not bad¨
  • ¨Antarctica is gaining ice¨
  • ¨Hurricanes are not linked to global warming¨
  • ¨CO2 is not a pollutant¨
  • ¨CO2 is plant food¨

As we researched this topic we found out that none of these statements were actually true.

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