York Synchro Club Newsletter

Fall 2014

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Head Coach Message


I would like to thank everyone for your support as we venture into this season, which holds in store new challenges, excitement and rewards for our aspiring athletes.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about this season. I know it’s going to be great! A lot of exciting new things are already happening, and we will maintain the key focuses of continued success at all levels, ongoing growth of our coaching staff, and improved communication within the Club.

To the Athletes

You are here because, at least on most days, you want to be here. You need to take ownership for your dedication to the sport and to your team, to your improvement, and to growing within the sport. Processes and end goals need to be yours. Good swims, bad swims, challenging obstacles are all part of the learning process and give perspective to you. The parents, coaches, and club are here to support you and act in your best interest.

To the Parents

You are here to support your athlete in every way you can, within the role of parent. Emphasizing the processes and goals to help lead to end goals (ie. “It’s going to take hard work and consistent attendance at practice to get your ideal performance”), getting your athlete to practice on time, making sure they are properly fuelled, are getting to sleep at a proper time, seeing their commitment to the sport and to their team is being held firmly to. Give them love and support no matter the result of a swim or a practice. Helping the club helps them, whether it be volunteering, financial, or other support. You are expected to act within the club expectations and can expect to receive a professional “Synchro” experience in return.

To the Coaches

You are here to support the athlete in every way you can, within the role of coach. You lay out the team, and your own, expectations and hold the athletes to them. Within this, you work cooperatively with the athletes to progress towards their goals. You challenge them to not only go outside of their comfort zone but to see challenges as opportunities for growth. You act in the best interest of the swimmer, as a person, and as a competitive athlete. You work with parents to help best serve the athletes.

“It's not about the competition: The goal is to exceed my own expectations.”

MJ Ling

Head Coach York Synchro

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Burning Bright and Club Pentathlon

York Sychro swimmers gathered at the Magna Recreation Centre on October 25th to help raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and to participate in our annual club pentathlon. Swimmers had a fantastic time getting to know each other and taking part in the friendly competition. Swimmers and their families enjoyed getting together afterwards for a social get together for pizza and refreshments.

York Synchro Team Updates

Recreation Teams

6-8 year old Recreational 12-week program Newmarket

So far, the girls are doing very well learning basic synchro techniques. The girls are practicing back layouts, summersaults, and front crawl as part of the requirements for Trillium testing. Our team goals for the twelve weeks are to try our best, learn new skills and work as a team. By keeping a positive attitude and working hard, we will be able to demonstrate all we have learned at the Christmas Water show.

Team Theme: Tigers

Coach: Talia Rocca

6-8 year old Recreational 12-week program Newmarket

This season, I’ve been so lucky to get four amazing and hard working girls. Each of them has always come to practice with a smile on their face, ready to swim routine and learn new skills such as oyster and back tuck somersault. I hope we continue to work as hard as we can, and I can’t wait for the December water show to show everyone what we’ve been working on! Keep up the great work, girls!

Team Theme: Shake it off!

Coach: Sydney Todd

8 & Under Team 12- Week Program

Our team has been working really hard on our swimming skills and basic synchro skills like back layouts, tubs, and eggbeater. We are also working really hard on the routine so that it looks great at the watershow! Great job girls, keep up the good work!

Team Theme: Lion King

Coach: Gillian King

Novice Teams

8 & Under Novice Wednesday

As a team, one main focus this year is to work as a team and to develop team building skills. This team has 5 members and the age group is 8 and under. All of these members are new to the sport so we will be working on basic skills of the 8 and under age group. The season is going quite well already and I look forward to working with these girls throughout the rest of the season.

Team Theme: Royal vs Roar

Coach: Alyssa Smith

9-10 Novice Friday

Over the past couple of months my team has been working on the fundamentals of Synchro, teamwork, figures and routine. We are currently working towards completing our routine to the song “Best Song Ever” by One Direction and learning our figures for our upcoming figure meet in December. I’m very excited to finish learning and putting the rest of the routine together in the next couple of weeks as well as continue working on the girls figures to make sure they feel ready for the figure competition. My swimmers are always working hard at practice and always ready to try something new! I’m very excited to see what the rest of the season holds!

Theme: Best Night Ever

Coach: Katelyn Percival

11-12 Novice

So far this season our main focus has been working on their individual figures. We have also been working on creating our routine and so far it’s coming along great. Our team goal right now is to try to do the best they can at the up coming figure meet in December. Skills that they have developed this season so far are headfirst sculling, support scull, and high lights for our routine. Keep up the great work girls!

Theme: Circus

Coach: Kenzee Nielsen

11-12 Novice Friday

As a team, one main focus is really building on the basic skills as well as team coordination. This team has 8 members and is 11-12. Most of these girls are returning swimmers from last year so we will be expanding the girls knowledge for more advanced skills of the 11-12 and 13-15 age groups. These girls are a lot of fun to work with and I am excited for the rest of the season with them.

Team Theme: Mambo No. 5

Coach: Alyssa Smith

Pre-Competitive Teams

8 & under Pre-Competitive

There are three girls swimming on our 8 & under pre-competitive team. They practice on Tuesday's and Friday's for an hour and a half. At this point in the season, the girls are working on stroke development, back layout, front layout, back tuck somersault, tub turn and routine development. These three young girls are amazing swimmers, they work hard each practice as they prepare for their first figure meet coming up at the beginning of December. They have so much potential; I look forward to seeing them further develop their skills and succeed throughout the season.

Team Theme: Lollipop

Coach: Katie Hildebrant

11 – 12 Pre-Competitive

There are three swimmers training on the 11-12 pre-comp team. They practice Tuesday and Friday evenings with the focus of developing routine and basic skills such as eggbeater, layouts and sculling. The goals of the season are to work as a team, develop and perfect skills while having lots of fun! With determination and dedication anything is possible and for these amazing athletes sky’s the limit.

Team Theme: Cars

Coach: Jacquelyn King

13- 15 Pre-Competitive

There are six swimmers training on the 13-15 pre-comp team. They practice Tuesday and Friday evenings with the focus of developing routine and basic skills such as eggbeater, layouts and sculling. The goals of the season are to work as a team, develop and perfect skills while having lots of fun! With determination and dedication anything is possible and for these amazing athletes sky’s the limit.

Team Theme: Party

Coach: Jacquelyn King

Competitive Teams

11-12 Provincial

BOM BOM suits this team perfectly!! They are keen, hard working and eager to learn.

Our focuses until the Christmas break are endurance, as well as, skill and routine basics.

They know how to have fun while working hard but I’m at a loss right now. My worst nightmare is coming true – “why don’t we all have nicknames?”

So here goes: PLEASE help me "rename" the eight ”POPettes”!

Team Theme: POP

Coach: MJ Ling

13-15 Provincial

Our team has been working extremely hard on building up their figure skills over the past couple months. Now we are working on smaller parts of their figure and then by the end of the month we will be moving on to full figures. The girls have been doing a great job with picking up new choreography for our routine. On our team we use words of encouragement to help motivate our teammates. Having a positive mindset is something that the girls are trying to focus on now; this will help them achieve their full potential this year.

Team Theme: Witch Hunters

Coach: Victoria Garritano

13-15 Provincial

The team is working on learning the figures, doing parts of all the figures with bottles. Will be starting full figures by the end of November/ beginning of December. Our team goal is to make finals for all the competitions. The girls have finished the choreography of the routine and will start lap by laps and run throughout in the next 2 weeks

Team Theme: Iron Man

Coaches: Jocelyn and Stephanie Bourrie

Upcoming Events

Santa Claus Parades

York Synchro got into the festive spirit with our participation in the Town of Bradford Santa Clause parade. Come out to watch the Santa Claus parade in Aurora on November 22nd at 6 pm. York Synchro has entered at float in the parade.

Thank you to all the swimmers and their families who helped build and walk in the parades, A big thank you to Norah -Lynn DeLeeuw for leading this project for the club.

Holiday Party and Water Show

York Synchro’s semi-annual Water Show provides the girls with a chance to demonstrate their skills and routines to friends and family. . Come out and join us as celebrate the progress our swimmers have made.

Friday, December 12th at 6 pm. Show begins at 7 pm.

Magna Recreation Centre