Library Lowdown (week of 2/15/16)

News and Technology from the OCMS library

Important Announcements

  1. If you have a larger class and need more than 15 computers when you bring your classes to the library, book both the library and the library lab. That way, you can have enough computers.

Library Usage

During last week, 131 students visited the library with 11 classes and 71 students visited on their own.

Teaching and Planning with You!

Remember that Ms. Stellmann is available not only as a planning resource, but as a co-teacher. She can come to your classroom and teach lessons, assist with small group instruction, help you with finding differentiated resources, provide you with ideas for lessons or projects, or answer questions.

Tech Tool of the Week


So you probably know about TED Talks. But did you know about TEDEd? TEDEd is a educational website run by TED that allows you to browse a database of pre-written lessons and build a lesson plan around any TED Talk video. You can collaborate with other users to create a lesson by adding questions, further information, and guided discussion prompts to videos. Check out this lesson on Henrietta Lacks.

BCPL Resources

Did you know that BCPL (Baltimore County Public Library) offers BCPS wifi access and access to your H:/ drive? This is a great resource for students who do not have computers at home. Download this flyer for more information

Also, the Randallstown branch offers a great series of programs called Randallsteen, after school homework help, and free meal programs for students age 17 and under. For more information, see the branch's complete calendar of events.

Two fun videos for social studies teachers

Significant Dead People: Leonardo Da Vinci
A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome - Ray Laurence

Adding event instructions

1. Type the following password: ocms0252

2. Put your entire BCPS email in to the box marked email

3. Click Add Event on the left-hand side

4. Follow the instructions in the box below.

Note: If you are co-teaching with me title the lesson Stellmann/"Your Name" or vice versa.

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