Being a Teacher

-What it takes and how to be successful


In order to be a teacher you have to attend a university or college that has a teaching program. Usually to get a teaching degree you have to attend college for a minimum of four years. Some online university's offer a fast track program if that is that route you want to take.
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Teachers vs. Students

Teachers and students actually have a lot in common even though they are two completely different people. Both teachers and students are constantly learning. Did you know that while you are a teacher, you still have to take classes? These classes are called continuing education classes. They are to make sure that teachers stay informed on the latest teaching strategies. Teachers and students are different because to be a teacher you have to go to college. Students are in school to learn from the teachers so that eventually they can be successful adults.

Students who are acting up in class - What to do.

- take classroom management classes

- make class rules

- design a new seating chart

- reward students for good behavior