Tech Tuesday


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Self-Explanation & Practicing

Group Discussion

  • Why is this an important strategy?
  • How does it help students learn?

Dales Cone of Experience

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Practicing with Technology

  • Drawing apps such as Drawing Desk
  • Nearpod
  • Stick Around
  • Quizlet
  • Kahoot
  • Socrative

Self-Explanation with Technology

  • Camera app
  • iMovie
  • Vidra
    Draw, photos, pictograms, text, narrate, edit
    Saves to camera roll
  • Explain Everything
    Simple or Regular Interface
    Backgrounds, draw, photos, videos, text, narrate, edit, etc.
    Exports as a video, PDF, Image or Project
    Uploads to camera roll, Google Drive, Email, etc.

Activity - Explain Your Thinking

  • Choose a station.
  • Use Explain Everything to demonstrate how you and your partner solved the challenge.
  • Choose Video to Camera Roll to save the project.
  • In Edmodo, find the MMS Staff Technology group (code 98bu67).
  • Find the Explain Everything Assignment.
  • Find and tap the Turn In button.
  • Under the word Submission, type which puzzle you solved and attach your video.
    NOTE: Make sure you type something under Submission BEFORE attaching the video or the video may not attach.
  • Tap Submit.