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10 Rules for a Utopian Society

10 Rules

1. No citizens shall partake in any religious activity in order to prevent conflict between religions.

2. There shall be no violence or crime within the society.

3. The citizens dictate how the society will be ran and the citizens alone together will make all the decisions as a whole.

4. Education is required to those between ages seven through eighteen in order for the society to be benefited from educated people to make rational decisions.

5. Citizens are not permitted to have any weapons unless they are protecting the society.

6. Everyone will be treated equally no matter the race.

7. All citizens have to opportunity to provide for themselves and/or their family by having an occupation readily available and available to anyone needing one.

8. Everyone has the right to their own privacy at any time.

9. Drug use not prescribed is not permitted under no circumstances.

10. If any laws are broken, the person or persons will be immediately exiled from the society with no exceptions.

Blog Post - Ideals of Freedom

In our country of the United States of America, we are blessed with freedoms that easily outweigh many other countries struggling with power for their citizens. In our country, we are given freedoms that include the freedom of speech, freedom of press, free to buy your own house or to decide who you will be married to. We have the power to vote, bear arms, drive, read, write, eat freely, drink freely and so many more. Some of the freedoms I enjoy the most are being able to enjoy recreational activities. Instead of living in a society where fun and games with friends are restricted, I am able to go out with my friends on the weekends or play sports to whatever I choose to play. Many societies do not have sports available and may not even be allowed to be participated in. Another freedom I enjoy is being able to speak freely. Although some words should not be spoken, I can still speak them if I choose. I am not restricted to which I want to say like in the book Anthem where a certain word is restricted and failure to comply with this rule will result in your death. Countries giving their citizens little to no rights is inevitably a death trap for the government. Little rights gets people in the mood to fight for power and rights which can easily result in a tyranny against the government. Giving people less rights means less enjoyment to live so war can be common. As well as giving people little rights, a government may not be able to thrive if the citizens have little rights because the people will not be able to create an economy based on wants and needs so resources may become scarce within the government. To conclude, living in a society of freedom easily outweighs the negatives of living in a society without freedoms.

Alternate Ending

In 1984's ending, Winston is killed by being shot in the head by the Thoughtpolice. For an alternate ending, I would have Winston kill himself instead of the Thoughtpolice killing him. The Thoughtpolice found no need to control or order Winston anymore because he loved Big Brother so much, hence the last line, he had no reason to rebel and the police had no reason to dictate so they killed him. By having Winston kill himself before he was brainwashed, it would show that he was a true rebel and would not let himself be brainwashed. He could even commit suicide in public to show his affection for being rebellious to persuade people to not let the government corrupt oneself and die knowing you were never sucked under the rule of Big Brother.