My Hero

My Friend Bre

What do I think a hero is?

I think a hero is someone that can make someone happy or they do something so good or something so extraordinary that makes them a hero. Like for an example if someone lost something and they needed help,and they called their best friend or some other person they now,and they found who stole it or took it and gave it to the owner so they have it back then they would be called a hero. Or another example is when a friend is feeling down their best friend might come over and cheer them up so they don't look so sad or they will come over and see what was the matter and see if they could solve the problem for them.

My hero is Bre

When I feel down or she thinks that I have something that is making me upset then she will walk over and see what was the matter, if I was crying then she would give me a hug and see what was wrong and try to help me try to sort it out if she could. If I was really frustrated and really mad then she would talk really nice to me and then see what was the matter after 2min then I would be fine and go with my day.
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