NEW GT Coordinators Meeting

Welcome to this new role supporting learning.


Are you new to the role of GT Coordinator? Are you looking to develop your school's support for advanced learners? Are you supporting the development of your district's plan of support to meet the criteria of statute 118.35? Join our CESA 10 GT Consultant to learn the history, assessment options, identification models, program development resources, and tools to develop universal supports.

Learning Outcomes:

  • You will learn a series of resources for advanced learners to support teachers, staff, families, and learners.
  • Participants will engage in learning about the work of Gifted & Talented in the state of Wisconsin.
  • Collaboration with area GT Coordinators.
  • Learn about programming options that match the resources of your district, program, and learners.

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For participants outside of CESA 10 the cost would be $250 per day.

Dates & Times

New GT Coordinators Meeting

October 19th: 9am - 11am

GT Coordinators Meetings

October 19th: 12pm - 3pm

March 8th: 12pm - 3pm

All meetings are in-person with a virtual option.