Final Exam & Final Project

Due Friday

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What to Expect on the Final Exam/Project

There are 2 parts to the final exam/project (1- Descripción y Entrega, the project and 2 - Leer y Escuchar, the exam) that cover ALL units. You need to complete BOTH parts, as they are both graded and averaged together to form your “Final Exam Average” which is 25% of your final grade.

●You may take the two parts at different times. But the exam, you cannot save and come back to it later.

What to Expect on the Final Project

●Part 1 - Descripción y Entrega is comprehensive, reflective, and creative project using a web 2.0 tool of your choice for you to show what you have learned in the course. There are visual, audio (speaking), and written components to the project. Some of the project will be in English and some in Spanish, so make sure that you read/follow the directions carefully.
Be careful with the verb conjugations and spelling.

What to Expect on the Final Project

●Part 2 - Leer y Escuchar is the exam

●On this test, you are going to have 2 reading exercises and 10 short listening selections, all based on your vocabulary and work in Units 1-8. Altogether, there are 40 questions. This grade combines with the final project grade to arrive at the final exam/project average for the course.

●Work carefully.

What to do?

●You are NOT to use anything besides your brains (no notes, no dictionaries, no translators, no people, etc.).

●You should only have one program running (Firefox) IE, etc, and only have one tab open within Firefox. If you can't listen to a file make sure try another browser: ex. Firefox

●DO NOT click on anything outside of the final exam while the final exam is open because it may cause it to freeze and there are NO RESETS.

Check your grades

●Check over all of your grades and let me know if there are any errors/issues. You will need to send me a Moodle message indicating the specific unit and assignment name for any/each assignment that has an issue.

Text or email me if you need me!