1st Amendment Rights

Created by Mariela Trevino

Freedom of Speech

To me, freedom of speech means to speak your mind without having punishment from the government. Freedom of speech means I have the right to express my beliefs without fear of retaliation. This right allows me to be who I want to be without any barriers and it allows me to be an independent woman without needing a man to speak for me. Freedom of speech could include protests, speaking about political issues, rising awareness to social issues as well. The possible negative side effects of these rights could be that people could express their racism, their hate, their views on anti government and just overall hatred. Trump is a good example of negative side effects to freedom of speech. Trump once said something like, “I could walk down 5th avenue in New York City, shoot someone and I’d still be this popular!” Sound familiar? Yes indeed he does resembles Hitler. But overall, freedom of speech is a wondrous thing.

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