Ms. Beyer's April Newsletter

Homework due every Tuesday!

Earth Week: April 20 - 24

Literless Lunches

How to Pack a Waste Free Lunch

· A reusable lunch bag or box (not a throw-away, single-use plastic or paper bag).

· Reusable containers for packing food (no plastic wrap, foil, plastic bags, single-serving containers, pre-packaged foods). Hard plastic food containers or re-use of plastic tubs are suitable options.

· Reusable drink containers e.g. thermos, or reusable bottle (single-use pop cans, water bottles, juice boxes). Recyclable containers (pop cans) are discouraged but acceptable as long as the student ensures they go into the recycling bin.

· Organic waste like apple cores, orange and banana peels, other leftovers etc. that can either be composted through a school composting program or at home.

· Non-disposable cutlery (silverware) and a cloth napkin.

Descriptive writing

We are learning how to make our sentences sparkle with adjectives. Students are using their 5 senses to help uncover descriptive words that help them describe an object. The final outcomes are amazing!

You can encourage your child to develop his/her description of things by asking him/her to describe to you something familiar to them at home.

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Reading Fun

We are learning about the features of Nonfiction texts. As a fun way to learn we had a scavenger hunt to find the following features:

  • photographs
  • table of contents
  • caption
  • index
  • glossary
  • label (with diagram)

The only feature we couldn't find was a map!

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Super E

We are learning how to read words with a silent, super E. Fun games and partner reading made learning a blast!
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Scientists in Schools Workshop: Strong and Stable Structures

Thank you to the parent volunteers and a helpful big brother for leading our structures learning centers. Students enjoyed learning about fasteners, materials, tools, and building criteria through hands on activities.