Paws to Read

Charlie S.

Oh Peanuts

I chose this picture because I love Charlie Brown and it gets me in the mood to read and notice how great reading is. It is very silly and motivational.

All About Me!

My name is Charlie and I am a fan of soccer and basketball. I like to read suspenseful action sci-fi books, as well as books about kids at school, and surviving books. Some of my favorite books are Michael Vey, Percy Jackson, including many Andrew Clemens books. I also liked the book Peak.

10 Things About Me as a Reader

1. I usually read at night.

2. I usually only read on my bed.

3. I like to read in silence.

4. When I am in a suspenseful part of a book, I won't stop reading.

5. I read with my lights off, but my nightstand lamp on.

6. If I am in an interesting part of a book, that is all I will think about.

7. When I start reading a book, I have my mind set to it.

8. If I am in to a book, I will talk about it a lot.

9. I usually read my own books, and I rarely ever bring a book home from school.

10. I am a very picky reader.

My Latest Blog Entry

Right now I am reading the second Percy Jackson book. I got it for the holidays along with many other books. I just started reading them recently, and my aunt was kicking me to read them. So far I like them and think it is very interesting. Before this book, I read the first Percy Jackson book. It was a great book and definitely was good enough for me to read the next one! Along with Michael Vey and Peak, I definitely recommend it.

My Interests and Favorites

Well as you know, I like soccer and basketball. That sometimes influences my reading. For example, when I can't find a good book I'll get a sports book, and I always love to read "Sports Illustrated." I have read a veriety of books, but recently I have been reading books like Percy Jackson, Swindle, Michael Vey, and Peak. I have read many Andrew Clemens books as well when I was a little bit younger.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)
I chose Happy by Pharrell Williams because it is very upbeat and it makes you feel almost as happy as reading a great book.
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Why I Chose Barnes & Noble

I chose Barnes & Noble because it is very reliable and is a library. People who work there have read the books and take there time to write about them.

Why I Chose Guys Read

I chose Guys Read because it has a good list of books for males. It puts the books in categories and is organized.