In- Vitro Fertilisation

By Georgia Nankivell

What is IVF?

In-Vitro fertilisation also known as IVF is a reproductive technology in which an egg is removed from a woman and is placed in a test tube with a sperm cell from a man. The cells join and develop into an embryo. Then the embryo is implanted back into the woman’s uterus and from there is left to continue developing like a normal embryo into a baby.

There are many issues surrounding IVF treatment in society today. Many people due to the ethical beliefs it breaches and moral questions it raises that it should not be allowed or accepted in society. The issue of IVF is very relevant to society today because until recently with the development of IVF couples that were considered infertile and unable to conceive have now been given the chance that did not exist for them before... to have a baby.

Arguments pro IVF

  • · The heart break of infertility that many couples face everyday can be heartbreaking; thankfully IVF can offer them this wonderful opportunity to raise a child.
  • · It can be considered unnatural because it is has been developed in a lab. There are many forms of unnatural scientific technology that have been created to help society. A very big and popular example of these technologies is antibiotics. This scientific development has had major beneficial impact on society as does IVF.
  • · Through IVF scientists are able to study fertilisation and early embryo development outside of the womb, this study results in scientists being able to learn more about certain birth defects and also how to prevent them.

Arguments Anti IVF

  • · Although IVF does create a life, it also leaves many unborn babies to be destroyed in the process. As a result of IVF there are many forgotten human beings that are no longer required by parents. The only option left is to leave these frozen embryos in the lab because to destroy these embryos would be considered murder.
  • · Creates conflict when deciding who has the power to discriminate from who can participate in IVF. For example if:
  • - The parents have HIV AIDS
  • - The parents have mental disabilities
  • - Or cases similar to if the father dies does the mother still have access to the sperm cells of her dead husband to make a baby.
  • · It is believed by some that the process was wrong. By some it is believed that to create a baby it must be carried out through nature’s procedure and through reciprocated and responsible love between a man and a woman.