History block 1

The first year of independence

The foreign interests and recognition of the Mexico

Mexico has friendship and respect of many countries, but Mexico had to make great efforts to be recognize as a sovereign country. When the independence finished, Spain adopted an actitude of rejection to Mexico. The National Marine War, who was commanded by Captain Pedro Sainz de Baranda did an agreement in which the army surrender with this independence was consolidated. After several defeats the Spanish government was convinced that they could not reconquer Mexico and finally in 1836 they recognize the independence of Mexico. The government of France did not recognize officially the Independence of Mexico, but since they were interested in buying our products and selling their merchandise, they decided to have a good business relationship. French traders settled in different cities like Puebla, Veracruz, Guadalajara and Mexico. Refering to the economic situation everything was positive, but at the diplomatic events they had serious problems, like the named Guerra de los Pasteles (1838-1839). In the century XIX, some french diplomatics supported the idea that Mexico return to a monarchical government like in the times of Iturbide, so they decided to help with troops and money. In 1825, England recognized the independence of Mexico and signed a trade agreement. This way some English investors that were interested in mines arrived to Mexico. This helped us to have a better economy. The United States was one of the first countries to recognized the Independence of Mexico. The United States as some nations like France, Holand and England were interested in trading with Mexico. Some persons from the United States wanted to buy a part of the mexican territory and thought of the area of Texas. The government of the United States bought the territory of Louisiana to the French and took La Florida to the Spanish. This way they extended their limites all the way to Texas. Texas had very few habitants, so many persons from the United States came to establish at Texas. The only condition was to respect the rules of the country and to be catolics. Many imigrantes came over. In several occasions the United States propose to Mexico to buy Texas, but the government decline to sell part of the Mexican territory since it was a treachery to our nation.

The separation of Texas

The situation of Texas was something to worried about it, because many persons from the United States came to lived to Texas, without following the rules of the mexican authority. Many of them wanted to separated Texas from Mexico.

At the end of 1835, the Congress decided to turn the country into a centralized republic. Some states did not like this, so this argument they use it on purpose to declared independence arguing that they had accepted the Federal Constitution of 1824 and that they were not obligated to accept being part of a country that had changed its form of government.

Later the president of Mexico Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, after some battles he was derroted and captured. While he was in prison he signed an agreement accepting the independence of Texas and order the mexican troops to retired. But the congress did not accepted this agreement and consider Texas to be part of the country. Since the Mexican government did not have money to continue fighting, the Texans declare their independence and form a republic. In 1845 a conflict was generated between both countries, because Texas now was one more state of the United States.

Texas Statehood and Problems with Mexico 1845