News from Room11

December 14th

Thanks you for joining us today at the First Grade Performance. It was so nice to talk with you all and I know we all enjoyed the delicious food!

What will be learning/doing next week:

· Language Arts Unit 3 Week 2

· Unit Theme: Have Fun Week Theme: Lets Laugh

- Vocabulary: connection, support, possessions, relief, typical

- High-Frequency Words (read): call, funny, how, more, so, there

- Spelling Words: like, spike, hide, bike, mine; make, came, how, there

- Grammar: Present Tense Verbs

- Skill: Make Predictions

* Math- Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction strategies, (Fact Families)

* Writing- Invitations

* Science- Animals and their adaptations

Important Notes:

-I bought a yearlong subscription to Raz-Kids!!! It’s a great program that reads books at your child’s reading level, they can also choose to read it to themselves and there is a comprehension test at the end of each story. You can log on through your computer at: or get the app, Learning A-Z. The username is:christycampbell11

- We our out of antibacterial wipes and getting low on white board pens, Expo Brand and typical colors only. (All other pens and colors stain our boards.) If you have any extra that you would like to send in it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

- Please take the Speak Up Survey. Speak Up, a national online research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow®, gives individuals the opportunity to share their viewpoints about key educational issues. Please go to the SSF website and select the Parent Survey. Enter California and Solana - then select Solana Santa Fe from the list to begin the survey. Thank you for participating.

Upcoming Events:

- Winder Break: December 24th No School!

Have a great weekend,

Christy Campbell