October 2013 ART WALK

Featuring The Hangar Mart


Loic was born in Paris in 1978. At the age of 8, he was hospitalized for six months at Necker’s hospital for an infant disease. During his stay, he met Yann, a teenager who would paint watercolors all day. This encounter gave birth to two great things in Loic’s life: First, a great friendship, and second, an incredible revelation about the purpose of his life.

In this somber period, colors appeared in his world. Finally, he was able to see a future.

From that moment on, he dedicated his life to all types and forms of art.

He met Eric, a tattoo artist who inspired in him a new artistic dimension: The world of tattoo. During the next twelve years, Loic worked alongside Eric and became experienced with art expression. Today we can see the diverse and special experience he gained through the practice of tattoos.

Later, during an exhibition, he met Claude Mignerey, painter and art dealer, who saw in him a huge potential in the artistic domain. Claude Migneray appreciated his artistic vision and expression of feelings on canvas, it is thanks to him that Loic became successful in Paris.

For Loic, it’s very important that the buyer uses his or her own imagination and gives the purchased piece a personal name or title. Because of this, his paintings are not differentiated by title, but by number

Loic’s success in Paris has encouraged him to develop his clientele in the United States, to share his art and find new inspiration. In his definition of abstract art, he captivates our attention. Although his pieces may seem dark, behind them there is hope, the hope of a little boy who fought for his life and chased his dreams.

Welcome to his world.



In Gallery painting by Juan Asnares

Juan Asnares was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1967. From an early age, Juan showed passion for the world of arts, devoting most of his life to artwork and his second passion, gastronomy.

Since adolescence he was polishing his skills taking art workshops, drawing and painting, as well as graphic design and photography, which would lead him to discover a wide range of tools of artistic expression. Over the years he evolved spiritual and artistically. This helped him to translate his own dreams and theories into his art. Although he knew scholarly techniques, he never let the influences of these lead him from his desire to evolve and express himself freely in a natural and pure way. This is why the range of styles in his works has an urgent need to express without fear or limits a world full of images and messages. In each of his creative stages his dreams, perception of time, the current, the pure and the present, all converge. In his words he describes art as:

Group Show


Saturday, Oct. 12th, 4-10:30pm

The Hangar Gallery 2235 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Welcome to October 2013 art walk. we will be featuring new artists from around the world. From France to Malaysia. Please come and visit us and enjoy the The Hangar mart where local artisans will also feature and sell their work in The Hangar Studio.