Ain't preaching? Aint teaching.

We need a NEW CREW.

My argument.

We need new teachers because, they don't teach anymore, they don't make learning fun, and they're always moody. If states want better grades or a higher grade-point averages, they need better teachers. You will rarely find a teacher that is worth their salary and that's not very much. Although this would cause schools to loose money for hiring new staff, it would cause higher grades and a better school. It may also take time from the school board to interview and scope out new teachers.

Research Topic 1

Many teachers rely on videos in class to teach their students. Many often think reading directly from the book teaches just as well but, what they don't realize is not all students learn at the same pace. 70% of children say teachers barely teach anymore. Few of our teachers have something to teach about other then what it says in the book.

Research Topic 2

Teachers don't make learning fun or interesting. Every 2 out of 3 children in our class say they hate school due to the boring teaching. More kids would come to school is they found learning fun. Schools may also find their kids have better grades when teachers make learning interesting.

Research topic 3

You may have feelings but, keep it to yourself. Many teachers are moody and want to get in their students' business. Students say their teachers butt into their conversations and begin to share their opinion to the topic... this is not needed. Also if teachers tried to be more of a friend to their students and not so mean and moody, students would have less trouble in school if they had a friend. 80% of students say their teachers are moody and too nosy. Many students hate their teachers and don't find them as a friend.

Pros about getting new teachers!

  • It would help make better attendance when kids want to learn,
  • It would gives school and students a new start.
  • It would allow schools to have better grade point averages.
  • Gives students a friend to come to when in need.
  • New teachers may make children want to learn.

Downside about the new ones (CONS)

  • Getting new teachers may cost schools money to hire new.
  • Looking for the right new staff would take time from the school board.
  • Firing teachers will cause people to go unemployed.
  • Renewing would cause the school to have to redo websites, books, and classroom ID's that had the other teachers name.
  • Children may loose the friendship they had with the past existing teachers.

Used students in classroom.