Radon in your house could be unsafe

By Tyler Emch


Radon is a cancer causing gas in your homes, school, and business. It is the second known leading cancer cause in the US after smoking. It is the leading cause of cancer by non-smokers and kills over 22,000 people each year with 600 of them here in Georgia. Radon gets into our homes by soil and deep wells.

Harm and how to stop it:

We need you to help in order to stop radon the easiest way is to ventilate your house. The tighter your house is with out vents the more the radon collects. If you open your windows, doors, or just pump air through vents, less radon will collect in your home. Another way to stop radon is to burn a candle. It may not be the most efficient way, but in winter it can be cold. Burning the candle keeps you warm while burning the radon cells.

Please contact these radon services for help.

These are places you can go to get help from local radon services.

Radon Awareness Day

Tuesday, March 1st, 9:30am

330 Town Center Avenue Northwest

Suwanee, GA

Help spread this message around to spread awareness of radon by meeting us here. We will help spread the awareness of radon to all and provide information to all who need it.