6th Grade Weekly News

November 16th - 20th

Important dates to remember

November 23 - 27: NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break

November 30: Progress Reports

December 2: Picture Retakes and Group Picture Day

6th grade Tutorial Schedule


AM -

Math - Room 509

Science - Room 512 (makeup work) and Room 412 (tutoring/re-testing)

PM -

Math - Room 404

Science - Room 413 (makeup work) and Room 412 (tutoring/re-testing)


AM -

Math - Room 404, 415

Science - Room 412 (tutoring/re-testing)

Social Studies - Room 408 (makeup work) and Room 418 (tutoring/re-testing)

PM -

Math - Room 415 and 509

Science - Room 512 (makeup work) and Room 413 (tutoring/re-testing)


AM -

English - Room 409, 411, 416, 417, and 504

ESL - Room 902/508

PM -

English - Room 409, 411, 416, 417, and 504

ESL - Room 902/508

Social Studies - Room 407 (vocabulary/geography) and Room 418 (tutoring/re-testing)


AM -

Social Studies - Room 407 (vocabulary/geography)

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Thank you!

Student Council would like to thank our Frankford students and staff for collecting 1832 can food items for the Plano Santas!

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World Wear Project -

Be a part of diverting thousands of pounds of shoes and clothing from local landfills by filling our shoes and clothing donation bin with your gently used shoes, clothing, purses, belts, wallets, hats, caps, backpacks, hard toys, stuffed animals, and pots and pans.

Frankford has partnered with the World Wear Project. For every pound collected, our PTA receives $0.15. The benefit to you? Neater closets, drawers, toy boxes, and kitchens, and the knowledge that less textile waste will end up in our local landfills. Our World Wear Project donation box is located in the parking lot by the gym.

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Frankford Food Pantry:

Communities in Schools has set up a food pantry for students in need at Frankford specifically. The pantry is in need of items such as applesauce, peanut butter, jelly, mac & cheese cups, granola bars and breakfast bars. If you are interested in helping, please send any donations to school with your child. The donations can be dropped off in the front office.

How do I contact my teacher:

6th Grade Counselor:

Sharlene Barton - sharlene.barton@pisd.edu


Eric McDaniels - eric.mcdaniels@pisd.edu

Patty Walker - patricia.walker@pisd.edu

Kay Marshall - kay.marshall@pisd.edu

Ruth Byerly - ruth.byerly@pisd.edu


Stephanie Brinton - stephanie.brinton@pisd.edu

Lisa Gilstrap - lisa.gilstrap@pisd.edu

Ashley Harris - ashley.harris@pisd.edu

English/Language Arts:

Lisa Youngblood - lisa.youngblood@pisd.edu

Libby Cooper - elizabeth.cooper@pisd.edu

Nicole Northcutt - nicole.northcutt@pisd.edu

Shika Hershel - shika.hershel@pisd.edu

Kristin Woods - kristin.woods@pisd.edu

Carol Dutton - carol.dutton@pisd.edu


Thomas Rooklidge - thomas.rooklidge@pisd.edu

Elizabeth Satz - elizabeth.satz@pisd.edu

Montrail Davis - montrail.davis@pisd.edu


Jeff McDonnell - jeff.mcdonnell@pisd.edu

Colby Pate- colby.pate@pisd.edu

Ken Hentges - ken.hentges@pisd.edu

Shanda Hairston - shanda.hairston@pisd.edu

Pam Fox - pamela.fox@pisd.edu

Fine Arts:

Rebecca Cronk (Band) - rebecca.cronk@pisd.edu

Mark Reddoch (Band) - mark.reddoch@pisd.edu

Geoffrey Golden (Orchestra) - geoffrey.golden@pisd.edu

Brittany Denig (Orchestra) - brittany.denig@pisd.edu

Aron Mattes (Choir) - aron.mattes@pisd.edu