COVID-19 Updates

January 2, 2022

COVID-19 Testing for Students

Due to a limited supply of COVID tests in our school buildings, we will not be able to test students until our testing supplies have been replenished. Please contact your healthcare provider or the Cecil County Health Department if you believe that your child should be tested.

New Quarantine Guidelines

Students experiencing a fever or other symptoms potentially associated with COVID-19 should not come to school. Parents are asked to notify their child’s school of their absence. We have adopted the new CDC quarantine guidelines and students may return to school 5 days after receiving a positive test if they have been fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication and their symptoms have improved.

Household members of a positive case should quarantine if they have been exposed to the positive and/or are unable to isolate from the positive case for a period of 5 days if they are unvaccinated or are 6-months removed from their second dose. If they have received the COVID booster shot, they do not need to quarantine but should remain masked for 10-days.

Possible Transportation Delays

Please be aware that our bus contractors are experiencing issues with driver availability which could affect bus routes and pick-up/drop-off times. Schools will communicate with families if a route will be impacted.

Access to Academic Activities During Quarantine or COVID-19 Absences

While your child is in quarantine or absent due to COVID-19, there are multiple ways for your child to participate in their learning. School counselors are also available to support students with their needs.

  • If your child is ill and not able to participate in learning activities, they will have an excused absence from school and be able to make up their work in all content areas.

  • If your child is well enough to participate in learning activities from home they will be marked present IF they access their learning activities.

    • Students log into their Schoology/SeeSaw classroom to access learning activities.

    • Students access virtual learning support

      • Secondary students may access support during Twilight.

      • Elementary students can access support HERE.

    • Students complete any work that the teachers provide to them in paper form.

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