Should Teachers get a higher pay?


Should teachers get a higher pay rate?

Yes,because teachers after two years can get whats called a tenure.We think that maybe if a teacher wanted to they could trade their tenure for a higher pay rate.Also we think that before we can help the teachers we need to get rid of the NEA ,because NEA has been truly accused of saying no to changes that would help the students,but harm union interests!
  1. Should teachers receive a higher pay rate? Yes,because they work hard for children to learn and have a good education.
  2. Why would it be better for teachers to get a higher pay rate? It would be better for the teachers ,because teachers spend some of their own money on their classroom ,so that the learning is easier to do and more apprehensive to the students.
  3. Should teachers get higher pay rate across the world? Yes ,because teachers are all there to help in the student's education.

Heres some teachers and students opinions

  • "Yes,because I spend lots of my own money for classroom materials",Mrs Hartman.
  • "Yes,it should be equal across state",Mrs.Forman.
  • "Yes,because they might have children and need supplies",Emmy.
  • "Yes,because they work hard at what they do.",Ashlyn.
Why Teachers Should Be Paid More