Mixed Economy

By: Stephanie Bernal

What are the benefits?

One of the benefits of Mixed Economy is the government pays the police department and fire fighters. We can stop the government from having too much power. We should want this we the citizens could vote to see who is going to be the president. The citizens decide who gets the power.


The economy System work by the people choosing who gets the power. No one is totally in charge, the president cant make any changes without the Legislative branch. NO one can become president without us the citizens. The government pays fire fighters and police; The boss pay his/her workers. If they want to buy something they just go to a store and buy it . If they want to sell stuff they open they're own store.
Mixed Economy


People always say that rich people don't give back to the economy. That its not fair , well i think it is because people worked hard for that money. If people worked hard for that money its okay for their children to get the money. Its like you building a house by yourself and people telling you need to share it. How will you feel? So i think its okay for them to keep they're money that represents all their hard work and all they went through to get there.