Rocks and Minerals

Obsidian, Polished Beach Agates, and Marble


Limestone becomes marble. Marble can sometimes have unusual and colorful shapes on it that look like clouds. Marble is known for it's pretty, white, and snowy color but it can also be different colors too. You can find marble in the Oregon caves, Maryland, Vermont, and Georgia.

Polished Beach Agates

Marbles can be made out of agates. Agate slices come from geodes and nodules. Agates are hard and have very colorful stripes. A agate is a form of chalcedony that is a variety of only quartz.


Obsidian has a smooth surface, it is glassy and it is also black. Obsidian is made when lava above the ground. Obsidian is mostly found in lots of places like: California, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, and you can also look in Mexico but a little further into Mexico. Obsidian rock is a type of rock called igneous rock. Obsidian feels as smooth as glass.
How to make an obsidian arrowhead with a deer antler

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