its a place of free enterprise .

We care so life's fair

Its the best country here for you!

We are free enterprise economy this is important because you have the freedom to create business and conduct economy activity since the government has little to no intervention.

The facts

Who is in charge? ; The people are in charge and vote for the rights because its their choice and the rights will impact them.

How are people Paid?; People are paid on their hard work /hours i pay them as the president .

How do they buy/sells things? The economy have many places and you can obviously open your own market since this is a free enterprise economy.

Education? This is very very very important in our economy and all our education is free because we want everyone to be successful just like our country Samaras.

Money?; Money is what everyone needs and lives off of, Money is controlled by Rajdeep the president the government in 1 and always taking her economy's vote because the people have a voice.

People say we aren't equal but all we do is equality in supply/demand it depends on your hard work

This is the perfect economic system. will you decide to join us?