Lisa's 30th

Saturday March 30th

Birthday Bash

In beauty and grace it's time to embrace, the celebration of Lisa turning thirty. She's happy and cute, and scrumptious to boot, you're invited to join our party.

You'll have to contend with some laugher with friends, over beers and some food from the barbie. Not at moment to spare or costumes to wear, partake in a game played by grannies. At the end of the day under lights we will play, so get set to test out those hammies.

Meticulous and slow with your talent on show, we'll compete for prizes in teams. Filling up to the seams with a musical theme, you'll find yourself dancing to Springsteen. Bring your little ones too, no need to have shoes as we celebrate with some barefooted bowling!

Dirty Thirty

Saturday, March 30th, 7pm-12am

8 Thompson Rd

North Fremantle, WA


  • BBQ and drinks
  • Lawn Bowls Comp
  • Prizes
  • Children's playground
  • Clean feet/socks
  • Relax, enjoy & a fun evening
  • RSVP: Jeremy via email or text message (, mob: 0435355004)