Moving Ahead and Changing Spaces

A New Approach in our Media Center

Common Core and Your School Library

Reading is at the core of the CCS. Who better than librarians to collaborate with teachers to identify literature and text for students to read in the content areas? For example, the math teacher is teaching pie charts. The librarian could identify several paragraphs that could be made into pie charts. Given a pie chart, the students would read the paragraphs and identify the one that describes the given pie chart-reading connected to math.

Changing Spaces and Rethinking Instruction

*Adapting physical space to increase student exposure and access to informational text.

*Taking advantage of opportunities to collaborate with content area teachers.

*Creating non-fiction book clubs.

*Teachers creating lessons that include expository text that is available in the media center


The school and community will work cooperatively and commit themselves to challenging students to meet or exceed standards.