5th Grade News

Mrs. Ganzer, Mrs. Huettenmueller, Mrs. Lang, Ms. Lash

Mark Your Calendar

  • 18 - Last day of Quarter 1
  • 21 - PBiS Quarter 1 Celebration
  • 25 - Grade Cards for Quarter 1 sent home
  • 25 - McTeachers Night @ McDonalds - 4:00-8:00
  • 28 - Fall Party

Academically Speaking

Writing (Mrs. Ganzer - kganzer@ga.essd40.com)

This week in writing, students focused on reflection! We paused in our writing process to think about the progress we have made, as well as to set goals for ourselves moving forward. Students were introduced to using our qualities of narrative stories rubric as a tool to help them revise their stories and make them even better!

Take Away: Ask your student what he or she is is working on in their narrative writing! It might be introducing strong characters, writing in a way that allows the reader to experience the story as if they are there, or even focusing on writing clearly by editing for grammar, spelling and punctuation!

ELA (Mrs. Huettenmueller - mhuettenmueller@ga.essd40.com)

This week in reading we put our final touches on writing summaries. Students read a fictional story about a woman named Mrs. Buell and her interactions with the children who came into her candy store. We read the story together, took notes, and students wrote a complete summary using the important ideas from their notes.

Take Away: Ask your students to tell you about the story of Mrs. Buell - maybe you will even remember a candy store like this!

Science (Mrs. Lang - elang@ga.essd40.com)

The 5th graders have been studying the world of plants and animals. They have recently designed a scientific inquiry about decomposers in the food chain. The students made “mold terrariums” comprised of 5 different types of food and chose one variable to change (the independent variable). The students chose variables such as: touching the food with dirty hands, licking it, putting it in the dark, adding sugar or salt. The students are continuing to observe the mold terrariums in their sealed baggies & trying to answer the question of: Which condition makes mold grow the fastest? Or which condition prevents or stops the growth of mold. Stay tuned for further results. While our mold continues to grow, the students are investigating plant and animal classification.

Take Away: Ask your son/daughter about their independent variable they changed in their Mold Terrarium.

Math (Ms. Lash - clash@ga.essd40.com)

We have completed our study of adding and subtracting decimals. Students completed their Topic 2 Test and reflected on their performance. Their reflection included reasons why they earned the score they did, something that helped them feel confident, and a goal to work toward. We started Topic 3 this week which covers multiplying whole numbers. We learned about the 4 properties of multiplication and mental math strategies for solving multi-digit multiplication problems.

Take Away: Ask your child to tell you the 4 properties of multiplication. Challenge them to model a problem showing each property.

Meet Our 5th Grade Student Teacher!

Mrs. Cristina Hays from Graceland University has joined us as part of our 5th Grade team as a student teacher. We welcome her and all the knowledge that she brings us.
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