Computer Hardware

Drives,motherboards and Touchscreens

Type Hard disk,USB,Flash

Hard disk- it can be used to store info and it is bassically a big disk in a box

USB-used to store folders onto a little storage device to transfer to different


Flash drive -similair to a USB

Motherboards-it is the main thing in a computer

Touchscreens-a Touchscreen can detect a finger or a hand and is usually used on tablets phones and computers.

Computer Hardware

CPU Ram Rom Inputs and Outputs

Ram-it stands for random acces memory it is found in a computer and it is used to store memory

Rom-it stands for read only memory it stores folders that cant be modefied

CPU-it stands for central proccesing unit it can be found in computers and phones

inputs-Inputs are things you put into computers like a USB

Outputs-things that come out