Los Angeles Galaxy

Rishul Aggarwal

Team Information

Location Info:

- Country: U.S.A

- State: California

- City: Los Angeles

- Region: Southwestern

Latitude and Longitude: 34 degrees north, 118 degrees west

Interesting Facts About the Region:

-Much of it is desert

-Home of most populous Indian tribe

-Population growing rapidly

Physical Features of this Region:

-Grand Canyon

-StubHub Center

-Mojave desert

Team Mascot Information

Team Mascot: Cozmo- Frog like E.T.

Nickname for Team: Galaxians

-Their nickname relates to space.


Team Established:1995

Mascot connects to history:

It was reported that Cozmo was beamed down to The Home Depot Center from his intergalactic spaceship on June 7, 2003.


Name of Stadium: StubHub Center

-Why does the stadium have this name?

--Venues title sponsor is online ticket retailor StubHub

First Name of Stadium: Home Depot Center

-Why are more stadiums changing names?

--I think because of sponsors.