Jadyn Robinson


The capital city is Vientiane.

The population is 6,695,166 as of 2014

Physical Features

Laos has the Annam, Highlands, Mekong River, Tropical forests

Geographic Boundaries

(North) China

(South) Cambodia

(East) Vietnam

(West) Thailand


1) During the 1100's Laos becomes part of the Khmer Empire.

2) During 1637 King Surinyavongsa comes t throne, ruling for more than fifty years.

3) In 1945 Japan occupies Laos during the second half of World War 2, after which France gets control of the area.

4) In 1949 France acknowledges Laos as an independent state under the French Union.

People and Places

1) Laos covers an area around the size of Romania or slightly larger than the state of Minnesota.

2) Most of the country is full of mountains, especially in the north and northeast.

3) The official language of the country is Lao, that is used in government and schools.

4) Almost two-thirds of the population of Laos is Buddhist.


1) Popular sports in Laos are soccer, volleyball, basketball, and badminton.

2) Pi Mai, the Lao New Year holiday, is celebrated over three days in the middle of April.

3)Lao food is hot and spicy and usually served with lots of sticky rice.

4) The Lao have large, close-knit families, with three generations often living together.


1) Laos people Revolutionary Party (LPRP) decides what the government policy will be.

2) In the countryside, people usually walk or ride bikes or motorbikes to get around.

3) The money used in Laos is called kip, the money from the USA is also widely accepted.

4) The country's roads are not well developed, but new roads in the country are being built.

Your Choice

1) For many years, the Lao government did not allow modern styles of music.

2) Just like in the US people download music to their cellphones.

3) Karaoke is so popular they play it on buses that are taking long trips.